Caballera - Wild Gorgeous Fantasy Art & Festival Wear - Inspired by Folklore, Fantasy and Nature

All Original Art! Inspired by decorative arts, fantasy and folklore, these pieces are designed to be timeless, wild, and gorgeous.

Please let me know if you want one of my patterns on a different item. :)

I love drawing, printmaking, and digital painting, and it's so exciting to put my art on clothing, accessories and shoes! I'm a big fan of traditional Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles, I love California's 1960's Art Nouveau resurgence, and I've studied decorative arts and folk arts from around the world, especially the arts of my ancestry in the Mediterranean, Himalayas, and South America. Many of the drawings are collaborations with my partner Jeremy Richardson. We've both been entranced by festival culture since our teens, and love combining our drawings with unique colors and textures to make something fantastic, feral, and unique.

Handmade Block Prints --- I draw the original image and carve the blocks myself. I mix the colors and print them one at a time with ink and rollers, so each has its own color distribution and ink texture - each print is signed, numbered, and dated, and one-of-a-kind!

Clothing & Accessories --- From my original drawings, prints, and digital paintings, printed on high-quality fabrics, garments, shoes, & accessories. I partner with printing companies to make these, since I don't have my own industrial fabric printer yet, or the means to make my own shoes, etc.

Coloring Books --- My original ink drawings, printed and bound in a beautiful coloring book that you can color yourself. Also available as a PDF download.

Thanks so much for visiting, and have a great day!
*Laura Cesari

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